Gladston Makhib — Actor, Model and Personality

“I don’t treat my work simply as a job—I was raised as a person who asks questions, questions that really bother me, to discover something and to open up new perspectives for myself and others. This complexity is what I try to uncover with every project.”

My name is Gladston Makhib. I am an Eastern-Eropean/African Actor and Model based in Paris, France.I was born in Tiraspol (Moldova) in Ukrainian family, and my childhood and growing years I spent in Ukraine.

Having moved to Moscow in 2008, and entered Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Foreign Language, I graduated in 2011. After that I followed my dreams into art, theater and film industry. It was quite a challenge, but I decided to go for one of the best theater Universities in the world, the Stanislavski Moscow Art Theater School-Studio (2011-2015).

Since 2015, I have been working as a model, playing in theater, filming on tv, singing and making my own performances as a Director. My work did not remain strictly within the Russian framework, I also worked in the USA with the visionary and great theater director Robert Willson in Watermill Center, participating as a performer in exhibitions with the framework of contemporary art, and staging performances.

With our theater we played a lot in European Festivals and workshops, trying all the time to exchange cultural values and mix our experience with the aim of making humanity better and more open.

And this is what I think of in any kind of Art that i make. When I am a part of any project I do my best to invest my values and experience for making it more enriched and inclusive by the way of being honest and open for the world.


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